Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giveaway!!!! Closed, will announce winner soon

You might notice that I added an "Awesome Products" section on my blog. Right column, just below my "subscribe to" section...

I'm excited about this! And hope to have many other items to give away!

This giveaway is a Tungsten Ring. These are so cool and really stylish. Click the link above or the one on the right side column and read all about it. Browse for the perfect ring!


1) You have to be a follower of my blog to be part of the giveaway
2) You have to leave a comment on this post telling me what you would use the ring for and why you should get it.
3) The ring cannot exceed $120
4) No emails to my ticktock address on this one, just leave a comment!

Good luck!!! I'll contact the winner on Friday!!!


loveejonesy said...

I would use the ring as the ring for my soon to be husband! We will be getting married on August 7th!

We have been looking for tungsten rings for a while now that are both affordable and stylish enough for him! I am sure he would appreciate it just as much as I would if we won this ring!!


Anna Beale said...

I would also use this ring for my soon to be husband. We are getting married June 19th, and I must say I was thrilled when he told me that he would like a tungsten ring. I was really excited that he stuck to that as my hours at work were recently cut, so we are having to reduce the budget where we can! We would both be super excited to win this ring and be able to remove one item completely from our budget :)

Thanh said...

The ring would be for the love of my life, my partner in crime, my confidant: my future husband. We're tying the knot in July 2011!

We are both full-time students, me as a physician assistant and him as a medical student. Our plan is to do a lot of pro bono work for inner city residents in free clinics. But right now, we are on such a tight budget that when he proposed to me, he told me he could not afford a diamond ring but instead my birthstone. I loved it and understanding that our love wasn't limited by our finances, I knew that we were meant to be.

In return, I would like to get him as nice of a ring as I can to symbolize how much I love him.

LeAnne said...

Great blog! I would also use the wedding ring for my husband-to-be. Seems to be the trend here . :) We have been together for 10 1/2 years -- since I was 16!! -- and have been through all the ups and downs life can bring. We are best friends and have finally decided to take our 10+ year relationship to the next level. My fiance proposed this past new year's, 2010. We are finally making this relationship a true partnership and I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to give him a ring to wear (he was actually a little bummed that the man doesn't get an engagement ring), and officially call him my husband, my partner for life!

Nicole Howard said...

As we all know planning a wedding can be so expensive and by the time you get to the part where you pick out your rings, your bank account is exhausted! I would love to be able to give my future husband Mike this ring, especially since a guy at work just showed me the tungsten ring he and his fiancee just bought for him. They are beautiful and so affordable!

*M* said...

This tungsten ring would be perfect for my fiancee. He is a laborer and works with his hands all day long. We were very skeptical as to what kind of ring we should get. However, we have heard great reviews about the durability of tungsten. Tungsten is also very affordable, which is great since we are living off of one income (while I am in grad school), and paying for our own wedding. Thanks for this opportunity!

Dana said...

My fiance has been looking at tungsten rings online! We are are getting married on August 7, 2010 in Palo Alto, California. It's been fun for us to plan our wedding together over this past year; we got engaged in Point Reyes in January 2009. We met in the Peace Corps in Ghana. Curtis taught math and I taught art--a true meeting of both sides of the brain! Our wedding will be at a lovely home built in the 1920's. It has a beautiful pale pink rose garden where our friend, a writer, is going to officiate the ceremony. The reception will be out on the lawn surrounded by huge oak trees. Our theme is nature's simple elegance with those we love.