Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Huge Improvement

Farmie is back to his old self.  Thank goodness!!  I didn't know what I was going to do with that pessimistic guy that had taken over my husband!  He was such a pain in my you know what.  The last week has been great so lets hope that's the end of his negativity.  We had a date night for the first time and had grandma and grandpa watch the baby.  It was nice to go out and not have to worry about the baby waking up.

Jones has been doing amazing.  His sleep coordinates with the number of ounces that he's eating.  He's eating 6-8 ounces each feeding so he's sleeping that amount at night.  Last night was the first night that he slept all the way through.  He is staying more alert and is getting chunkier by the day.  His little personality is so fun and I'm still tearing up when he coos at me and smiles.  Will that ever go away?  It's beautiful and beyond description to me and I can't help but get emotional.

Farmie has been having some headaches and dizziness since November and will hopefully make an appointment to see a Dr this week.  I've looked up the symptoms and it can be anything from just dehydration to early stages of Type 2 Diabetes.  He really just admitted how bad the symptoms have been this weekend so this is new to me and I feel like if I start looking into it too much I will freak out.  You know how Google can just get out of hand that way.  I heard some complaints here and there and thought it was not drinking enough water or too much sugar...  Hopefully, it's nothing major and the Dr can give him some diet changes maybe.


Lanie said...

I'm so glad things are back to normal!

He could be having anxiety too, just with the new life change. I get dizzy sometimes too, and found it was from my anxiety.

Nichole said...

I hope it's not anxiety :( I don't know how we would really remedy that since he won't go see a therapist. Hoping it's something minor and easily changed with diet.

Amber said...

What a relief things are back to normal for you. Babies do those kind of things to you...
The emotional tearing up won't stop. It increases with the more cute things they do.
Hopefully Farmie heads in to get the dizziness checked out and it resolves itself quickly.
I'm glad Jones is such a great little guy! He sounds like a dream.
Enjoy :)