Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tips on traveling with an infant??

I'm all ears ladies and would love to hear your tips for traveling with an infant.  We will be flying in a couple of weeks and I'm anxious.  More anxious over H1N1 and recirculated air in general, but I would also like to be prepared as possible.  I've heard that take off and landing can be the worst part because of the pressure.  Jones will take a binky sometimes, but I hope to just be able to feed him during those times.  I also have some muslin wraps that I want to try to keep him covered with most of the time.  Also bought an Ergo baby carrier so he will pretty much be on me the whole flight.

I already shipped diapers and wipes since I get the best price on Amazon and don't want to run around trying to find a store that carries Seventh Generation.  We're bringing a bassinet since there won't be a crib at the rental.  It's the Brica Fold N' Go and I bought extra sheets for it.  It's an overwhelming thought to be completely away from home base.  I rely on heading home so much around the baby's schedule that it will be very strange to not have the comfort and ease of everything at home.  I'm afraid to start packing because I think we'll need two suitcases just for baby stuff :/

Any tips? Suggestions?  Thank you!!!


Amber said...

Ugh. Traveling. We've never attempted flying with our duo, nor will we until they are able to listen. I am too afraid to be 'those people.' I used to fly frequently before kids and HATED the people with screaming babies/toddlers. We have driven whenever we've gone to visit famly (11 hour drive). It's never been a great experience. Traveling with babies is just difficult. I'd recommend bringing a lot of items with you as you don't know what you'll need to keep the baby happy and its best to have it if it will keep him happy. We even hauled back a jumper when we traveled when the babes were 9 months old. Know where everything is packed so you can access it quickly.If worse comes to worse, start buying people around you drinks! Good luck. I hope it goes well for you!!

Nichole said...

So much anxiety right now. We leave tomorrow and I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Partly due I think to the fact that it's our first trip. Hopefully, it goes better than expected and next time I won't be so stressed. I'm packing like a maniac! I can't believe how much one little baby adds to the list of stuff we need to bring! Thanks for the drinks idea :) Hopefully, we don't have to, but good idea! :)