Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hormone Test Results

I am so relieved to have good news regarding my hormones and FSH levels.  From the lab results everything is fine except my thyroid is at 5.23, which I assumed it would be high.  It was initially 5.09 when they tested me at the beginning of our IVF journey.  It's just a big relief and I won't worry each month now.  I'm glad I just did it instead of continuing to wonder.

So the dilemma I'm facing right now is if I want to go on Levothyroxine again to help get my levels in a normal range or not.  Part of me wants to and that would eliminate one box on the "may affect fertility" column.  I might just take it for a few months to a year in a very low dose and see what happens.  If we're meant to have a baby I know it will happen and if it doesn't happen I'm perfectly happy adopting again.  Jones is a blessing and regardless of the fact that someone else carried and birthed him he's my baby boy.

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ADSchill said...

I am sort of in the same boat with TTC. I know I have PCOS, but I feel like I should still have some sort of shot at natural conception. (Even though it hasn't worked in the past). We won't be doing IVF again, so this is our only shot. I am debating the tests I could take to see where my body is at and if I should be on any medication myself. OR I could just start trying and see what happens. The difference is that we aren't considering adoption as you are - we've decided that we will be carrying on with an only child if my miracle natural conception doesn't happen. That's a hard pill to swallow, but the best for us. I am happy to hear you have a back-up to help you complete your family. Adoption is a beautiful thing.