Saturday, August 23, 2014

Baby Clothes on the Cheap

Our little man is going through clothes at lightening speed.  He's wearing 18-24 months clothes right now and I'm grateful for creating a stock pile when I had the time to browse.  I try to stick to an under $5 rule.  I'm already looking forward to Black Friday deals so I can stock up.  I sad...but I can't help it :)

Thought I would share the websites and stores where I find the best deals: is a new website that is owned by Amazon.  It functions a lot like Zulily, which is another one I watch for free shipping items.  They have new items every day and they are always discounted.

Ebates is awesome.  It gives you cash back on pretty much anything you buy online.

Other stores that I watch for deals are:

and local consignment/resale shops

Any that I'm missing?? Please share!


Emily said...

Carter's have clearance sales, where their clearance stuff has an extra 20 or 30% off. I just got a bunch of stuff for my little guy for $20. Definitely worth checking out. I think the latest one just finished yesterday, but check on their website because sometimes they extend the sale. :)

Nichole said...

Thanks! I'll check them out too :)

tony wu said...

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